Calling All Cats Fans!

Kentucky Wildcats basketball elicits an upwelling of pride and delight in its numerous fans across the world.  Cats fans look forward to basketball season the same way children anticipate Santa’s visit at Christmas. There is a reason for the phrase “true blue” and the Wildcat fan embodies this idea, and more.  After all, we do have the winningest team in the history of college basketball.  Our pride is well founded!  We represent a tradition of excellence punctuated by 8 NCAA titles. We crush our fiercest rival, the University of Louisville, with a winning record of 35-16.  “Game Over” by Kentucky artist Rex Robinson is a stunning representation of Wildcat superiority via acrylic on canvas. The Cat Bird Society is now offering a limited edition giclee print of this striking masterpiece.  Ownership of this remarkable piece includes pre-emptive rights to the second and final painting of the series entitled “Death of a Devil.” Want to guess the color of the devil? 

Act Now and Order!

This is a very limited edition offering of only 999 prints in total.  Filling out a request form does not guarantee you will receive a print so order now before we are sold out!